AS Yahsha (Saviour) and the disciples were sitting upon the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Yahsha (Saviour) eagerly wanting to know what would be the signs of His second coming and the end of the world. He not only turns their focus to the buildings of the temples in Jerusalem, but also surrounding nations. As Jerusalem sits in the midst of the nations, she becomes the trembling cup to all nations round about her. For many years we have heard, or seen wars, famines, pestilence and earthquakes. So what's so different about these signs in the last days leading up to second coming of Yahsha (Saviour)? It is a religious battle for supremacy and Satan will use every means necessary by these signs to accomplish his goal.

Satan will bring death and destruction by wars, starvation, food destruction, disease by vaccination and the use of sophisticated instruments to bring about natural disasters. When you began to hear, or see a mass depopulation of people going from one nation to the next, them know that the end is at hand. For God (I Am that I Am) has weighed the age in the balance, and measured the times and numbered the days. Ask a woman who bears children, and she will tell you. For it will be likened unto a women who bears a child and suddenly travails and gives birth prematurely. For a short work God (I Am that I Am) will do and cut it short for His elect sake.

These Are The Beginning of Sorrows

The End Is Near